Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Week of School Then on to Virginia!!!

It's the last week of school at the Mower house! With field day, movie day, classroom parties, celebration assembly, ballet and piano recitals - we are going to be exhausted by Friday! We are so excited about our trip out to Virginia on June 3rd! We've had rainstorms everyday here since Friday and they have forecasted the same until the middle of this week - so I'm pre-ordering sunshine in Virginia and no rain! By now everyone has received an email about being invited to write on the blog (an "author"). It's very simple to register for Google which you need to do in order to blog on this site (and it's free). If you just enter in your email address and password it will allow you to access the blog and start posting (or "writing"). Believe me, if I can figure it out anyone can! Please give it a try in the next couple of days to see if it's working okay. It would be fun to hear from the kids as well! It's kind of like an ongoing newsletter! Hope to hear from you soon!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jess and the Kids Come to Idaho

Last weekend Jess came up with the kids to save me from boredom. Greg was traveling (Israel, Prague and The Netherlands) and was gone for two weeks. After my insistent moaning and begging, Jess drove six hours to come save me (not to mention my girls) from myself. It was 90 degrees so we ran to Walmart and bought every water toy to fill the backyard with wet n' wild fun. We were surrounded by dollar store toys, soggy towels, puddles of sticky lemonade and plastic plates with leftover pizza, past and anything else that I could heat in the microwave. Jess and I together, ate an entire pan of Camelettas (recipe included) in just two days (she ate most of it I swear!). The kids had so much fun and were sad to part on Monday. Riley and Parker said "our house has never felt so sad and empty." Thanks Jess for a great weekend and for saving us from loneliness and from finishing off an entire pan of Carmelettas on my own!